The fundamental difference is that ICCRC serves as the professional certification for the Canada immigration consultants in UAEgranted by the Canadian government while the MARA is the skill and legal certificate granted to the Australian immigration consultants in Dubai. Professional consultants help immigrants get their heads around all the essential steps and guidelines necessary for the visit visa application to the land of their dreams.


Following is the list of advantages one receives if they go for assistance from an ICCRC registered immigration expert consultant,

  • ICCRC registered consultants in UAE are well known for their reliable and proficient consultancy-related solutions, and for providing the most relevant and applicable solutions to your migration-related issues through the group of legally certified case officers assisting you with the immigration to your dream destination.
  • They are a brilliantly analytical and rational group of a consultant familiar with all sorts of policies and legal procedures required for each type of visit visa, which enables them to come up with descriptive and informative plans of counseling sessions for their clients.
  • Group of ICCRC certified consultants is always attentive towards developing brilliant and objective-directed plans of services for the clients. That is the reason their services are always according to the approved standards of the industry, policies, and guidelines that are followed by Canada.
  • Another highlighted fact and benefit are that by consulting an ICCRC-certified consultant you also get the assistance of a professional lawyer with ICCRC certification to inspect your profile according to valid standards to generate fruitful results.


Following is the list of advantages one receives if they go for assistance from a MARA registered immigration expert consultant.

  • Licensed team of consultants by MARA in Australia must be your go-to option, as their expertise and knowledge about the legal procedures in Australia for immigrants outperform any other consultancy company.
  • Not a single but a whole team of professional immigration consultants with years of experience serve to provide you with mandatory guidelines regarding the application process for a visit visa.
  • A MARA-certified consultant makes sure your application process runs smoothly, and you don’t have to go through any complications and problems to have your visit visa application to Australia approved.
  • It is no news that visit visa application approval takes months however, with the help of the right expert and MARA registered professionally skilled consultant you need not worry about time as they are going to be aware of all the techniques and legal procedures to make the period of application approval shorter.

Both Australia and Canada are one of the world’s leading, dynamic, cultural, economically stable, full of opportunities, and unmatched destinations, a choice of many skilled, qualified, and talented people. Due to the upright reputation of the country, people all around the globe wish to visit there for several reasons, and to make your wish come true you will always find Australian immigration consultants in Dubaiand Canada immigration consultants in UAE at your service.

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