What are the Requirements for Canadian Immigration From Mumbai?


Are you planning to move to a foreign country with your family? If so, Canada is one of the best options available. It is a country that offers a world-class living style, free education for children, top-notch medical care, etc. Once you have made up your mind and packed up your bags, contact ICCRC – Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council accredited agents to work with your immigration and get the permanent residency for you. There are different options available to immigrate into the country including a student visa and skilled immigration visa. ICCRC agents in Mumbai can help you get all your process done quickly without wasting much of your precious time. They will have the knowledge to help in finding out the best immigration program to perfectly suit your eligibility and provide the amount of assistance that you will need throughout the process of immigration.

Eligibility for PR Visa in Canada

Thinking about whether you are eligible to apply for Canadian PR? To get a permanent residency visa in Canada certain requirements are to be followed by the applicant. They are as follows:

  • You should have at least one year of working experience in a full-time, continuous, or equivalent amount of part-time within the previous 3 years. This criterion is not applicable for graduates from Canada. Self-employed years are not considered under professional experience.
  • The person applying for the PR must pass language tests as per the Canadian language benchmark (CLB). He should also show intermediate skills in either French or English languages.
  • The Canadian PR applicant should have with him the necessary amount of funds required for suitable settlements and to make himself comfortable in the new place.
  • It is essential for the applicant to clear all the security and background check ups done. He will also have to qualify himself on the medical examination.

Benefits of Having a Canadian PR Visa

  • The PR visa grants the person the right to live, work and travel anywhere in the Country.
  • He will get the opportunity to apply for citizenship in Canada.
  • Can have access to healthcare and social benefits in the country.
  • Get the eligibility to sponsor for his spouse and children.
  • Can have free access to education in public schools of Canada for his children under the age 18.
  • Also have the opportunity to get old age security, pension plans and income supplements.

Advantages of Getting Canadian Immigration Done Through ICCRC Accredited Agents

They help Save Your PreciousTime and Money

You might be thinking that hiring an ICCRC accredited immigration agent might cost all your savings, but instead it’s the other way they can provide the right solution based on your eligibility criteria, helping you save your time and money.

They Help Make Informed Decisions

These agents have years of experience and knowledge that enables them to provide solutions only after going through many aspects of the process. They also are well-updated with the latest changes in the system and their insights can prove extremely useful for Mumbai immigrant visa interview.

Protection Against Fraud Activities

It is mandatory for the ICCRC agents to get the errors and omission insurance, which means that the PR applicants are protected against the unintended actions which may lead to financial losses.

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