The Best Cities in Australia for PR Visa Holders


Australia is famous for wide-open spaces, deserts, vibrant cities, and sunny beaches. The country offers top-notch living standards, good education for students, many different job opportunities, and accepts broad cultures, which makes it an ideal option for immigrants from around the world. When you plan to migrate, look at none other than the Australia migration consultant. Apply for the permanent resident visa today and move to Australia for better health, education, and opportunities to thrive and succeed.

Top Places You Can Choose to Live in Australia


The city is considered the cultural capital of the country, known for many festivals and concerts. In addition, the place is abundant with many museums, art galleries, theatres, world-class restaurants and pubs. 

The Blue Mountains

It is known for its rugged sandstone mountains, beautiful valleys, and enchanting rainforests. The location is ideal for families looking for peaceful countryside living, with affordable rates for the property.


Even if it is the smallest city in the country, the good weather, affordable apartments, the country feel, and good educational facilities for students make it ideal for families to stay.


The place is famous for its scenic beauty, forests filled with wildlife and sunny beaches. It is ideal for families looking for a peaceful location at affordable rates to enjoy their stay and spend time with their loved ones. 


It is the largest city in the country, home to many immigrants worldwide. It offers plenty of job opportunities, a high standard of living, safety and top-notch educational facilities, making it ideal for families to live in.


The place has got some of the best beaches in the world. This city is ideal if you and your family are looking forward to a relaxed life with affordable properties and well attached to transportation facilities.


The city is well-known for its excellent weather, sandy beaches, suburbs, botanic garden, and green parks. Perth can blend urban life with natural beauty, making it famous among immigrants from foreign nations.

The Process of PR Visa Application

  • Make sure that all the necessary documents are ready in your hands.
  • Then submit the Expression of interest – EOI.
  • You must register for the qualification assessment test and achieve a decent score.
  • Also, register for the English language mastery test and acquire a band necessary in the country.
  • You will receive a nomination letter from the government.
  • Download the online form of visa application, fill it up and apply for the visa by attaching all the copies of the requested documents.
  • You are likely to get the visa approved within eight to nine months after the application.

Requirements for PR Visa Application

  • A duly filled and signed application form is available on the official site.
  • A police clearance certificate in the person’s name.
  • Copy of the English mastery test result.
  • Assessment letter for education and work experience.
  • The health examination report and insurance policy.
  • A valid passport.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Three passport size colour photographs.
  • If you have been married, submit the marriage proof.

To learn more about how you can apply for the visa or the documents necessary, contact a global immigration consultant today!

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