Guide for Indians to Get Canadian Work Permit


A work permit is a legal document that enables any Indian citizen to stay and see for a job in Canada. The well-paid job, multiple opportunities, access to world-class infrastructure, and good working environment are the main features that attracted many Indian professionals to immigrate to the country. Contact the best immigration consultants in Bangalore for Canada. They will help you acquire the right work permit and visa according to your qualification.

Types of Permits to Work in Canada

There are mainly two different types of permits available for Indian nationals looking forward to securing their future by gaining a highly paid job in Canada. They are as follows:


It is a permit that does not require the person to have a particular job or work under a specific employer in Canada. Instead, it gives the holder the freedom to choose the work, place of work, and the employer under whom he wants to work.

Employer Specific

Unlike the open one, this type does not allow the Indian nationals to work as they wish. Here the foreign national is only authorized to work under a particular employer and in one position. Also, it lets them stay in the particular place specified in the legal document until the expiry date mentioned. After which they will have to go back to their home country.

Visa Categories Applicable for Work Permit

A person cannot work just by acquiring a work permit in Canada. He will first have to apply and get a temporary or permanent residency there, which allows him to travel, work, study, and stay in the country. Here are the visa options required to apply for a work permit in Canada.

  • Temporary Worker
  • Business Class
  • Skilled Worker
  • Graduate Work Stream
  • Agricultural Worker (SAWP)
  • International Experience Canada

What are the Criteria for Eligibility

  • First, complete the online application form that is available online and submit it.
  • Then, he should have a valid Indian passport with the required number of blank pages and an expiry date that falls after three months of your stay.
  • There must be a valid letter of offer from the Canadian employer inviting you to work under him.
  • There should also be a medical certificate that shows that he is perfectly alright to travel and work in Canada.
  • Also, he must prove that he has the required funds to travel and settle down in Canada.
  • There should be proper qualifications and years of work experience that are required to get a job in Canada.

Give work permit consultants in Bangalore a call today to know more about the requirements and costs involved in securing a work permit in Canada.

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