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Every year many people plan to migrate to another country to improve their living standards. Migration may be due to lack of job opportunities, reduced pay scale, reduced infrastructural facilities, etc. Canada is a developed country that guarantees top-notch living standards, which makes it one of the best choices for immigrants from around the globe. If you are a citizen in India and wish to immigrate to Canada, contact the visa immigration consultants in Delhi today.

What Makes Canada a Better Choice?

  • It is a country that welcomes all cultures.
  • The country offers the best educational facilities and services that are recognized worldwide.
  • It has a universal healthcare program that offers free health care services to its immigrants.
  • The country has a stable economy that attracts investments.
  • It is one of the safest countries compared to the rate of crime.
  • The process of immigration is fast.
  • It has multiple job opportunities that help you gain higher pay.

Various Visa Types Available in Canada

Any foreign national willing to travel or immigrate into Canada requires a valid visa. You should know which visa option is ideal for you before starting the procedure. Here are the available visa types required to cross the borders of Canada:


These are permits allowed for tourism in the country. Any person interested in seeing the tourist destinations in the country must possess one. It only allows the person to stay in the country for less than six months.


It is a visa required for students looking to pursue higher education from Canadian institutions. You can also find a job opportunity and work in Canada by extending your study permit by completing your graduation. The validity is until the duration of the course you have enrolled in.


It is a permit that allows you to work in any organization functioning inside the boundaries of Canada. There are usually two types of work permits in Canada. They are: open and employer-specific work permits. A person can apply for an employer-specific visa only after getting a valid employment offer from a Canadian company. The open one does not require any such condition.


It is a visa that gives you permanent resident status in Canada. A person holding this visa can stay in the country for not more than five years. If he is eligible, he can apply for renewal. With this, he can enjoy all the benefits, including health care facilities, infrastructure and job benefits.


Being a developed country, Canada offers many opportunities for employment and businesses to grow. A business visa is a permit that allows a person holding it to visit the country and conduct any business-related activities, including attending meetings, signing contracts, participating in conferences or training, etc. It is a temporary visa and allows the person to stay only six months. 

Express Entry

It is an electronic immigration program designed by the Canadian government to attract skilled professionals. Under the program, the foreign nationals need to submit their profiles, making them skilled immigrants. Here the candidates are selected based on their qualifications and needs in the country. A person can apply for a visa once he receives an invitation to work.
For more information, contact the Canada tourist visa agents in Delhi.

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